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Weightlifting Water Bag

Weightlifting Water Bag

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Introducing fitness aqua sandbag, a sandbag alternative that's 100% portable and easy to carry. Fill it up to 44 pounds to meet all kinds of training needs.

Ultimate Workout Through Instability

Pick up the immediately feel its unforgiving properties. In order to raise it above your head, even the smallest muscles are activated, working together with the bigger muscles to maintain balance and power

Experience The Challenge of 'Live' Weight

In contrast to ‘dead’ weights, they react to your every movement. Every repetition is different, asking for something different from your muscles and motor control each time.

Adjustable Up To 44lbs (20kg)

They can be filled with up to 44 pounds of water. But don’t focus on this weight, even experienced athletes only use it with 20 pounds and still get sore. It’s all about the movement.

Easily Portable

The when empty is only 3 pounds and 2 by 5 inches when folded up. It is easy to take anywhere, and have it ready in minutes with the special pin valve.


  • Materials: Thickened Environmental Protection Pvc
  • Net Weight(G):1100-1400g (+-20g)


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